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Meet The Team 


Designer & Install Leader 

Giovanna Gomes has been a pillar in the Design community for twenty-five years. Starting as a receptionist at a natural stone showroom at eighteen years old, she knew she was built for this field. Together with her husband, Gabriel they opened their first location, Stones Unlimited.  Constantly learning new concepts, and growing with the ever evolving field of custom design, Giovanna has made it her business to help her clients have a seamless experience when specifying. When growth was needed Giovanna grew, from opening larger showrooms to getting a construction license, doing anything and all to allow her clients to walk away with the best outcome. With a diverse client base ranging from first time home buyers, to high end developers, Giovanna has proven her ability to thrive in any situation and leave a lasting impression on her clients thus having many clients who have used her services for twenty plus years. Giovanna looks forward to growing with the trends ahead and helping clients create beautiful spaces. GG Tile & Design has become a brand new venture in beginning to focus on more interior design finishes such as millwork, plumbing fixtures, and wall coverings. 


Designer- Project Coordinator 

Gabriella Gomes has grown up in the business. Her knowledge is at a level that very few peers can compete with due to her growing up in the  tile design world her entire life. Gabriella prides herself on creating innovative designs while still playing homage to classic design concepts and material selections. Her ability to meet with a client and quickly create design concepts that are effective and aesthetically pleasing allows for our clients to walk away trusting their home in her hands. Gabriella continuously brings innovative and functional ideas, which makes her a key collaborator in all GG Tile & Design's projects. She currently has her Bachelor of Arts in Interior Design to further her ability in helping clients leave with the most effective design possible. 


Design Specifier - Construction Manager 

Andrea Bosforo has been in the business since he was sixteen years old and started in his sisters (Giovanna) material warehouse. He started from the ground up learning every side of our business from receiving material to writing purchase orders, slowly working up to being a pivotal member of our design and install team. Andrea is able to seamlessly guide his clients through the process with his ability to understand all tasks at hand clearly and foresee what needs to happen next to always be one step ahead. With his role of being our main install liazone, Andrea is also vital to all jobs at hand in ensuring that the install process is smooth and seamless for all parties involved. Andrea is eager to work on projects in the future with the latest and greatest materials, thus allowing to further his portfolio even more.


Logistics Manager 

Oscar Cortez knows the ins and outs of everything we do. Oscar began working with our team twelve years ago and one of the key players in what makes our showroom so great. He is amazing with assisting clients, and accomplishes all of GG Tile & Design's  purchasing. As we all say everyone needs an Oscar in there lives, because his work ethic is so strong! His position is so important because he is a jack of all trades and can help anyone with anything they need. 


Lead Project Coordinator 

Stephanie is the right and the left hand for the entire GG Tile and Design team, with 20+ years in interior design experience she is what makes us grow in efficiency. Constantly being abreast of all jobs and material orders, Stephanie is truly irreplaceable for our team. She is truly the biggest backing in keeping every project go as seamless as possible. With so many moving parts in an ever evolving field such as this one, having someone on our team such as her, has allowed for our team to be as effective as possible. With a design background she is also able to look at projects with a critical eye, allowing for cross checking on all designs created. Stephanie enjoys being apart of our process and making sure that clients are prepared for all steps ahead. Knowing that we have Stephanie on our team, we are unstoppable.


Purchasing and Logistics Lead

Gabriel Gomes is the man behind it all with product logistics. Throughout the years, Gabriel has gained the knowledge needed to thrive in the stone business from being involved in sourcing and purchasing material. If there is a material out there that a client is looking for, Gabriel will find it efficiently. He will also find the highest quality of the material possible thus allowing our clients to walk away with the best product available.  With the relationships he has harvested in the past twenty plus years with our loyal suppliers, Gabriel is able to help our team create designs and spaces that no other team is able to complete. Gabriel and Giovanna together have paved the way for the entire GG Tile and Design team to thrive and Gabriel looks forward in helping with future jobs to come. 


Design Consultant & Project Coordinator 

Samantha Keene works as Design Consultant and Project Coordinator for GG Tile & Design.  After a brief hiatus to gain experience in custom cabinetry and installation, she has returned to our team, stronger than ever.  Her experience in AutoCAD drawings, interior finish selection, presentation skills, and overall project management is essential to our team’s success.  Samantha has the rare talent of capturing both technical details, as well as strong sales & communication.  After a decade of interior design experience, she still has the exuberance, dedication, and love for the industry in which we excel. 

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