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Past, Present and Future

GG Tile and Design might be a new venture however the roots and people behind this name are not. With the leadership of Giovanna and Gabriel Gomes, who have been in the industry together for over twenty years, GG Tile and Design is truly unstoppable. The Gomes’ have always thrived themselves on putting a team in place that is capable of creating beautiful designs and a seamless process for all parties involved. These team members coupled with the thought of always providing the highest level of design, material and customer service have created the base for their businesses for the past years and now the future. GG Tile and Design is a new, innovative concept that was created to allow for all clients to have their individual needs met. Over the years we have seen how the needs between designers, developers, architects and every day home buyers are vastly different. These needs being so different and still being needed to be met, in the same office, were some of the main reasoning to reinvent and create GG Tile and Design with the help of their daughter Gabriella who is soon to be an interior designer. Our entire team looks forward in growing with the ever evolving design world and being malleable enough to grow with the individual needs of our clients.

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